Ceramic industry traditions in Cienia reach back to the 19th century when the first buildings of the brickyard, run by the Chojnacki family, were raised in January 1929 . During World War II brick production was stopped and the site turned by Nazi German occupying forces into an army uniform warehouse. The warfare brought heavy destruction of the brickyard infrastructure estimated at 60% just after the war. The Soviet army handed over the brickyard to the local authorities in 1945 and the brickyard resumed its activity in 1948. A year later, in April, the brickyard was acquired by Czesław Sieradzki and the Spież family, but in less than two years it was taken over by the state-run Łódź Red Ceramics Union. Full brick only was produced at the time and it was not untill years 1964 - 1975, when a new Hoffman type furnace was built, new equipment installed and the product range was broadened by drains, cavity bricks and sewer bricks. The Sieradzki family reclaimed the brickyard in November 1999 and it operated under the family ownership until December 2017, when the brickyard was approached and eventually purchased by new owners who adopted the name Polska Ceramika Cienia. The brickyard continues its existing operations, expanding into production of luxurious building ceramics as well as ecological burnt clay products. Our clay deposits are mottled Pliocene clays, sands and Quaternary gravels.