Clay is gaining recognition and growing popularity in construction industry these days as a natural raw material with unique properties. Products made of raw clay in its plastic state are characterized by good adhesion and positively affect the indoor microclimate. This is due to the natural properties of clay which absorbs and releases moisture from the air, reduces dust in the air, as well as suppresses noise and unpleasant odours. The use of clay plasters and clay boards we offer has a beneficial effect on inhabitants health due to clay antiallergic and antibacterial properties. They also enable any desired wall shape, as well as the appropriate grain size. Through the use of coarse plaster, we get a crisp and rough texture, while finer grains ensure smooth and delicate surfaces. Another advantage of clay plasters is their multiple use. Our plaster does not have an expiration date, you can wet it and give it a new texture, or even remove, mix with water and apply again. For more information please see our guide.

Clay plasters

Clay Heating Plate

Clay board

Raw Clay Bricks (unfired)